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About Us

Dedicated to Enhancing the Quality of Life For All Who Seek its Service...

Catholic Family Services was founded after an in-depth stufy of family counselling services revealed a definite need for affordable, professional family and marriage counselling.

CFS is a registered non-profit agency supported by donations, grants and fundraising, as well as a sliding fee scale. The agency is governed by a Board of Directors.

Our mandate is to promote healthy families through eduction and support as well as to provide counselling for individuals and families experiencing problems in living.

Our agency's purpose is to provide:

  • the highest quality professional counselling;

  • eductional workshops to assist in prevention rather than crisis intervention;

  • support to children and families.

Vision Statement


Catholic Family Services Society of Grande Prairie will work within the context of creating healthy environments for individuals to function.  A good deal of the work of the organization will focus on preventative aspects that will foster growth and functioning in individuals and families.

Secondly, it is the vision of CFS to provide a comprehensive service model. We believe that the family is an essential unit and, as such, the focus should be on the individual within the family context.

Mission Statement

Catholic Family Services Society of Grande Prairie, founded in 1991, aims to improve the quality of life for all individuals who seek its services.

Catholic Family Services Society of Grande Prairie will provide services to all residents of Grande Prairie and the surrounding communities regardless of race, colour, ability, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.

The services provided will be based on Catholic values since the Catholic community of Grande Prairie, motivated the establishment of this agency

6 Foundations of CFS:

     1.  We believe that the family is the basic unit and heart of society and the Church, and therefore should be preserved and enriched. To this end we dedicate ourselves to promoting the health and well being of marriages and families.

     2.  We believe that children are human persons and therefore deserve our special care and attention particularly when they are in need.

     3.  We are concerned with the health and viability of families and children in our entire community and the communities in the surrounding areas.

     4.  We believe that prevention of family and relationship deterioration is preferable to the treatment of crisis.

     5.  We intend to assist people in breaking the cycle of family and relationship dysfunction that passes from generation to generation.

     6.  We believe that there is a need to help stabilize and solidify families to help resolve and prevent marital, relationship and parenting crises.

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