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Dedicated to Enhancing the Quality of Life For All Who Seek its Service...

Our counsellors help empower individuals, couples, and families through issues by supporting and empowering them to make positive personalized changes in their lives.  Their mandate is to promote healthy families through education and support as well as to provide counselling for individuals and families experiencing problems in living.   Each counsellor uses unique specialized techniques to help each person manage their stress, redirect disturbing emotions and set goals for themselves. 



Registered  Psychologist

 As team lead, and a Registered Psychologist since 1997, my focus has always been to work in a non-profit agency where there is access for all. I work with families, individuals, couples, children and youth.  My greatest teachers are those who sit in my office. Their talents, abilities and skills in facing their problems-in-living have taught me a great deal in how to sit with and help them as they travel their healing journey with trauma, failed relationships, anxiety, depression and childhood issues.


Kristina MacNeil

Registered Provisional Psychologist

I have a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Art in Counselling Psychology. I take a foundational approach rooted in solution-focused brief therapy, which is reinforced with person-centered narrative therapy. My approach speaks to Ockham’s Razor, where sometimes the simplest or smallest changes, can create the biggest rewards. I utilize SMART goals, metaphors, and many other flexible techniques that help clients cope and utilize new skills and experiences. I aim to create a safe and trusting environment conducive to all individuals. I am currently completing the steps to become a Registered Psychologist.



Registered  Psychologist

Kris R. is a Registered Psychologist. Kris uses a cognitive behavioural therapy approach, but also draws from solution focused therapy as well. She has a love for horses, dogs, drawing, and painting.

Michelle Blondin

Michelle is a Registered Provisional Psychologist. She completed a Master of Science degree in Psychology, BA in Psychology, BBA, and Fitness and Health Promotion diploma. Michelle's pursuit of ongoing professional development has led to both breadth and depth of applied knowledge meant to guide clients toward healing, wellness, and balance in their lives.

Michelle works individuals (children, adolescents, adults, and older adults) and families. She utilizes cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, dialectical-behaviour, and solution-focused brief therapy techniques. Michelle can aid in coping skills, managing stressful life situations, self-esteem, trauma, anxiety, depression, and healthy lifestyle changes.

Registered Provisional Psychologist

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Nate Buckley 

Psychology Student Trainee

Greetings! I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy. My background includes a Bachelor's degree in Marriage and Family Studies. I believe that every story and every emotion deserves attention. Using methodologies such as symbolic modeling, solution-focused therapy, and others, I strive to provide tools for individuals to find understanding and be able to focus on healing. Through my studies and experience, I've learned to create a supportive environment where individuals, couples, and families can explore and resolve their challenges. I look forward to working with you.

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