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Our counsellors help empower individuals, couples, and families through issues by supporting and empowering them to make positive personalized changes in their lives.  Their mandate is to promote healthy families through education and support as well as to provide counselling for individuals and families experiencing problems in living.   Each counsellor uses unique specialized techniques to help each person manage their stress, redirect disturbing emotions and set goals for themselves. 



As team lead, and a Registered Psychologist since 1997, my focus has always been to work in a non-profit agency where there is access for all. I work with families, individuals, couples, children and youth.  My greatest teachers are those who sit in my office. Their talents, abilities and skills in facing their problems-in-living have taught me a great deal in how to sit with and help them as they travel their healing journey with trauma, failed relationships, anxiety, depression and childhood issues.

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Provisional Psychologist

My foundational approach is person-centred, as I believe in the innate ability of individuals to heal within a trusting, non-judgmental environment. Utilizing other evidence-based interventions from CBT, ACT, and SFBT is also an important component of my practice. My goal with every client is for them to feel understood, empowered, and to co-create a treatment plan that facilitates movement towards their goals. I have experience working with all age groups, and I work mostly with individuals experience depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship challenges.


Counsellor/Art Therapist

As an Art Therapist, a C.C.C. (Certified Canadian Counsellor), and a member of the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta. I have a client centered, trauma informed approach and draw from a number of different counselling theories including: expressive arts, somatic approaches, narrative therapy, attachment theory and strength based perspectives. I have worked within the school systems with children from K-12 and also have worked in a clinical setting with individuals of all ages as well as families. I consider it a privilege to accompany people on their healing journeys and am always striving to learn more about counselling and human beings in general. I am particularly interested in using Expressive arts and creative modalities to heal trauma.


Provisional Psychologist

My clinical experience involves mostly individual but also couples and family counselling. I'm more than happy to work with clients of all varieties and presenting concerns, and generally appreciate meeting people where they're at with an open and eclectic framework. Some of my areas of interest include addiction, trauma-informed care, emotion-focused and existential therapy.


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